Condition and Price



Unmounted Equipment Condition

  • Most Unmounted Equipment advertised on the internet are sold AS-IS or as shown in the respective pictures.

  • Many Equipment sellers do not necessarilly know the engineering of these equipment and cannot provide any further information about the actual condition of the unit or what parts will be required to safely install it in a truck if that is the case. They focus on selling any equipment to get a profit. No post-sale service and technical support is provided.

  • All the Unmnounted Equipment sold by are carefully inspected before being removed from the truck or any other vehicle when the units are received installed and working.

  • The equipment are inspected based on the manufacturer's manuals to determine with as much accuracy as possible the current condition, considering aspects like missing or damage parts, level of rust on critical points like cylinder rods and welded lines, level of water in the oil, record of dielectric tests, record of accidents, records of repairs, stress lines on fiberglass booms, etc.

  • The current condition of the equipment we sell is disclosed to interested customers and determine the sale price of the unit.


Unmounted Equipment for International Customers

  • Since we have many customers from overseas with obvious limitation to return any equipment or even to inspect them by themselves our inspection process is standarized not only to provide safe equipment but also to protect their investment and prevent the need for additional purchases and international shipping of parts required to install the equipment that could translate into waste of time and catastrofic lost of production and revenue.
  • Our Technical Support Department makes sure to advise customers about all the required parts that may be required to install the equipment depending on the vehicle selected or even warn them about possible risks if the vehicle selected is not recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
  • International Customers can rest assure we will offer units not only suitable for their work requirement but location and work terrain as well.
  • We make sure the units offered are suitable for the destination vehicle fuel and oil, weather and normal operation temperature, users' training and language, maintenance training and parts availability. If the unit required and available or ready for the customer's local environment, we can make the necessary customization so it can work safer and longer.

Unmounted Equipment Price

  • Having more than 20 years of experience buying and selling this kind of equipment we realized that prices shown online do not reflect the best possible deal for both parties.
  • Anyone with some experience knows the cost of these equipment depend on many factors like options or components included, condition, handling, etc. So, any price that could be advertised could be including things that some customers do not necessarily need. So, there are plenty of room to save some money.
  • Instead of advertising prices too high or too low, we prefer to deal directly with our customers' needs and requirements and quote the equipment fairly and mutually beneficial.
  • We in prefer to do business with buyers honestly interested not only in the unit but in a fair deal for both parties. Often it is a liquidation. Customers not only get the best deal in the market but also support to get good deals and savings in the rest of the transaction including freight locally or international. 
  • Contact us for a quote. WE ARE READY TO NEGOTIATE AND MAKE A DEAL!



​Advantages of buying an Non-Installed or Loose Hydraulic Boom

  1. Lower Inland and International Freight cost.
  2. Flexibility to install on any kind of available and suitable trucks.
  3. Lower cost option to upgrade an utility truck unit by getting a better quality and updated equipment.
  4. Practical solution when only the hydraulic boom lift is out-of-service.
  5. A Digger Derrick, or Crane like this has been sold to be used in diverse applications that does not require a conventional truck. Like to be installed installed in different types of vehicles, ships, barges, ports, loading decks, industrial warehouses, etc.
  6. Easier to export to countries where importing used vehicles is restricted or is more expensive. 
  7. Several equipment can be loaded in a ocean freight container depending on the unit size. The container can be consolidated to save even more by sharing the space for more load. 
  8. Ask if you are interested in installing this unit on a truck. We can help.