Diggers | Augers




  • We carry the most renown manufacturers like Eskridge, Altec, Terex and others for Cranes, Digger Derricks, Constructions Equipment and other Mobile Equipment or Special Projects.
  • New, Rebuilt, or Used in good condition. Several models and sizes for different applications.
  • Accessories and aditional components like Control Valves and Repair Parts.
  • Dirt and Rock Augers | Kelly Bars | Bits | Hex Couplers | Pilot Bits | Kelly Adaptors | Teeth &  Holders | Carbide & Dirt Teeth | Shank Plates | Hubs & Adapters. Different sizes and Applications. New or Used.
  • We have several other items available not listed in this website. Please contact us and let us know about your need. We may have the solution to your requirement.

  • Do you have an item interested to sell? We can buy your Auger Drive, Bit, or similar item or offer it to our customers looking for one.