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Welcome to ViccobDirect

​   ViccobDirect began operations in 2002 with the main goal of providing quality and reliable equipment and parts for the Utility Service and Construction Industry Fleet including Aerial and Underground Electrical, Forestry - Tree Care, Telecommunications, Traffic Lights and Sign Companies. With our vision in mind and more than 35 years of experience in designing, repairing, and selling fleet equipment ViccobDirect has expanded its market beyond the United States’ boundaries with regular customers in Canada, Latin-America and the Caribbean.


    The Extra Mile


   We have always been willing to go the extra-mile, supporting our customers and helping them to keep their units running and productive at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, sometimes certain kinds of equipment become obsolete or simply their manufacturers stop making them or go out of business. This makes it very difficult to find parts as well. Since we at ViccobDirect know the equipment we serve from its engineering design, regardless of the make, we have been able to suggest replacement after-market parts that can keep the equipment running with the same or even better efficiency and safety parameters.





Helping with Related Equipment

    Our customers and their referrals always contact us to learn about what is new--what new equipment, part, or accessory is available. Several years ago we started to receive several requests from customers about parts for different but related truck–mounted equipment. Ever since, we expanded our product spectrum to include any equipment that moves to different locations to operate, either mounted on conventional trucks or any other special vehicle. Now we attend the whole family of Mobile Equipment.

  Our scope of Mobile Equipment and its technology includes, Bucket Trucks, Cranes, Boom Lifts, Digger Derricks, Pressure Digger, Rigs, Concrete Mixer, Electric Generators, Construction Equipment, Forklifts, and Sewer Vacuum Cleaners. Our comprehensive approach to this family of equipment allows us to offer parts and other new and used components regardless of their manufacturer.


    It is not only about Warranty


    Being in business for more than 10 years gave us the opportunity to learn how many equipment and its components are sold by different sellers with the main interest of gaining a financial profit, which at the end is what maintain a business afloat. Unfortunately, many times sellers take extreme risks by ignoring how literally vital is to make sure the equipment or part offered and sold is safe to be used. At the same time, many buyers are unaware of this risk when they are out seeking “good deals” to save “money”.  Most of this equipment require operators that risk their lives when working. Sometimes even people close to the work area could be injured as well. All of us in ViccobDirect are human and subject to make mistakes as everybody else. But we also have family and other loved ones, and we would not like them to be in any harm at all. So our main goal is to offer equipment and parts with descriptions that portray as much as possible the actual condition of the item.

   Our Warranty Policy is founded on the biblical words of wisdom: "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you".



Beyond the U.S. borders

    We receive many messages from different parts of the world asking diverse questions about our products or help finding a particular part or component. However, for logistic reasons ViccobDirect has only maintained a regular relationship with customers within the whole American Continent, from Canada to Argentina, including several island in the Caribbean. The backbone of our international successful business relationship is our select team of knowledgeable Sales Agents in the U.S. and Latin-America that partner with us the reward of being able to serve the need of our products in countries that otherwise would stay behind in accessing this technology. Sales Agents know how important is to buy from a seller who know the product and stand by it. That means full satisfaction of their customers with no complaints which guarantees more business and growth. So, everyone wins ... and keeps winning.    


    Thanks to Our Thankful Customers


   It has been a truly blessing to have customers that have given us the privilege to serve them by doing what we enjoy doing, and in the meantime helping them keep their equipment running and productive. This business is our passion and as a result ViccobDirect grows and help others business grow as well.

   Throughout the years we have been blessed with the opportunity to help customers with different needs that allow us to expand the scope of our business. Some of those customers are:

  • Goverment organizations (International and in the U.S.) asking us to participate in bids to provide some equipment and Tools. Sometimess they required only our consulting service to help them determine what equipment to buy.

  • U.S. customers that need parts to fix their equipment at a affordable price.

  • Customers with equipment that are obslete or out of the market but cannot afford to replace it for now.

  • International Sales Agents searching for the best deals in parts and equipment to offer to their customers with the certainty they will not get any complaints that could affect their credibility as agents for the next order.

  • New Customers from Latin-America that want equipment that works in their countries or a part for equipment they do not know where to get any where else or can get the required patient technical support. 

  • Rental and Leasing Companies that want to invest in equipment to offer their customers and get the best return with very low financial risk and worries about units being down and unproductive.

  • Customers that use our products for other particular projects or applications different from how they are promoted.


          Thank you very much for your interest in our products and for helping us grow.


                   Your friends in business at ViccobDirect.com





  • Priority in efficient Technical Support and Customer Service.

  • Broad knowledge and experience in Equipment and Parts requirements and availability limitations in all the countries of the American Continent. We offer and advise our customers on the best choice in equipment and parts (original or after-market) based on their local available resources and budget.

  • Always finding a way to lower the price when possible. Very conscious on low-cost overhead operation. We transfer our provider’s discounts to our customers without hesitation.

  • We do not hide the actual condition of the equipment and parts by painting it unless it is totally remanufactured.

  • Our customers do not have to be worry and waste time looking for parts for their equipment because we provide prompt attention and all the parts, new and used, for all the equipment we sell with special discounts.

  • Most of our new customers are referred by loyal ones. Most of our customers are from thousands of miles away and still place orders of thousands of dollar because they TRUST US!

  • We do not promote our products as "cheap" which could mean "low quality". We do not play with the safety of the crew. We are always finding ways to lower prices when possible by being very conscious of low-cost overhead operation and transferring our provider’s discounts to our customers without hesitation.

  • More than 35 years of experience in this kind of equipment and international business. So, we can say we know we are talking about.

  • We make sure to get as much information as we can about the equipment and parts we offer to make our customers feel confident of the product safety. 

  • Our Warranty Policy is founded on the biblical words of wisdom: "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you".