Winch Planetary Hoist Tulsa 1500W 15K lb. (Remanufactured)

Product no.: WT15KR

Winch 15,000 lb / 7.5 Ton Tulsa 1500W (Remanufactured)

  • Customers use them on units that need a powerful recovering winch like Digger Derricks, Cranes, Tow Wreckers, Ships, Drilling Tower Rigs, and other especial projects or applications. 

  • The cable can be provide.

  • The item(s) available may not be the one shown in the pictures.

  • Prices depend on condition of the item.

  • Item in perfect operational condition.

  • These winches were originally installed in a bucket truck, mobile crane, digger derricks, or any other mobile hydraulic boom.

    Manufacturer's Description

  • Optimal application versatility and flexibility
  • Best possible configuration ensuring longer brake life and positive clutch engagement
  • Provides positive dynamic braking
  • Reduces ownership costs over life of winch


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