Lift Altec AM547 53 ft (Used) SOLD

Lift Altec AM547 53 ft (Used) SOLD

Product no.: LBB1025U


Lift Boom Altec AM547 (Used). SOLD



* Working Height: 53 ft.

* Two Buckets for two operators.

* Winch for Material Handling from the Buckets.

* Ready to work in hot lines. Certified to 46 Kv.

* Utility body complete with many spacious compartments.

* Upper Boom unfolds OverCenter for maximum side reach and all the way to the ground.

* Unit already mounted on its original sub-base and utility body ready to install on a truck. Lift and Outriggers can be removed to be able to load in a freight container if required.



  • 4 Outriggers
  • 1 Hydraulic Pump
  • Set of Original Manuals


We have access to many other equipment we can get removed from the vehicle at a very good price if a customer is interested. Just let us know if you are looking for a different equipment.


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Bucket 24 x 24 x 42 Used Bucket 24 x 24 x 42 Used
Bucket for Immidiate Backup
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