Bucket Liner 24x30x42 (New)

Product no.: BL003N


Bucket Liner, Insulated (New)

* Standard Dimensions: 24" x 30" x 42".

* Fits several buckets of several equipment models and manufacturers.

* We can provide different types of Liners for Buckets, new and used,  for different model of lifts, digger derricks, and cranes. Please contact us for more information.

* We also have Covers and other accessories.

* Special Discount for order of two (2) or more.


Contact us for a Quote or more information.

  • Polyethylene plastic liners insert into Boom Lifts and Cranes buckets providing greater electrical insulation for the worker and improved bucket protection.
  • New bucket liners must be tested and certified at 50 or 70 kV AC in accordance with ANSI standard A92.2.
  • ANSI standard A92.2 calls for liners to be periodically (normally, annually) retested.
  • Our liners are made with a superior plastic grade not found in any competitors’ liner.
  • We also provide several accessories for Operation like Steps and Bucket Floor Pads or Installation like Mounting Brackets.

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