Bucket Request


   Our main purpose is to provide the best possible customer satisfaction. Fiberglass Buckets are one of the most required parts from our customers, from the U.S. and overseas, and one the parts that demands high safety consideration and manufacturing precision. With this Bucket Request Form customers are be able to order the right - new or used - bucket with a high level of certainty they will receive what they need either for an unit currently in the market  or already discontinued. Please follow the instructions to fill out the Bucket Request Form:

  1. Print this entire page by clicking on "Print" at the top right of this page or using the print command in your browser.
  2. Take the measurements of the bucket required according the "General Dimensions" and "Steps and Controls Mount Location" drawings. If it is not possible to take the measurements please describe the equipment as much as possible.

  3. Take the measurements of the ribs according the corresponding Rib Model of your Bucket and the "Bucket Rib Model" drawing.

  4. Fill out this Bucket Request Form in our website and click "Send".

  5. We will answer your request as soon as possible.






Bucket_Rib_1  Bucket_Rib_2


Bucket_Rib_3  Bucket_Rib_4