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D e a l s  of  t h e  W e e k


Lift Altec AM60E (Used) | One Left

Product no.: LDM2091U

Complete with Buckets, Liners, Pump, and Outriggers. Ready to Install. Priced for Liquidation.


Lift Altec AT200 36 ft (Never Used)

Product no.: LBV21418N

Lot of 15 Units ready and priced as used for contractors, cable, telephone, or other communication companies.

Winch Planetary Hoist Braden PD15B 15K lb. 2 Speeds Like New!

Product no.: WPD15B1R
  • Commonly used in several models of Terex, Altec, National Cranes and other lifting equipment.

  • Customers use them on units that need a powerful recovering winch like Digger Derricks, Cranes, Tow Wreckers, Ships, Drilling Tower Rigs, and other especial projects or applications.